Obituary in O.C. Register for Donald S. McIntosh

Don’s obituary was printed in today’s Orange County Register and Long Beach Tribune.  I overlooked the spelling of his mom’s maiden name, which is also Don’s middle name: Spalding. It is misspelled in the obituary as Spaulding. My apologies to genealogists of the Spalding and McIntosh clans!   Don’s father is Henry Wight McIntosh (from the Isle of Wight) and his mother is Jessie Spalding McIntosh.

You can view the obituary in the Sunday Register or online here:

O.C. Register Obituary for Donald S. McIntosh

The final line was borrowed from a beautiful message that was added to the CONDOLENCES page by Danette Brown.  Barbara liked her comment so much,  that she asked me to include it in Don’s obituary.  (Thank you, Danette!)

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