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  1. John Setmire
    John Setmire says:

    Sorry to hear of Don’s passing. I worked with him for many years at Sonora where he had coached and taught driver Ed and some social science classes. Don was one of the kindest and nicest persons I have known. He was our secret weapon years ago when the faculty played the seniors in flag football. With his athletic ability and great height he caught more passes than anyone else and in three years only dropped one when he immediately apologized. That’s the kind of guy he was! He will be missed and not forgotten. John Setmire

  2. John Setmire
    John Setmire says:

    Sorry to hear about Don’s passing. I worked with him at Sonora for many years and knew him well. He was respected by students and faculty where he coached basketball early in his career and taught driver training along with a few social science classes. Don was one of the kindest and nicest individuals I have known. He also was our secret weapon many years ago when the faculty played the Seniors in flag football. With his height and athletic ability he caught more passes then anyone and also was the perfect decoy. I think he only dropped one pass in three games and I will never forget that on that one he apologized. What a great guy! He will be missed and not forgotten. John Setmire

  3. Ron Getzan
    Ron Getzan says:

    I am sorry, but I made a mistake in my condolence about the School that Don had taught at. Sonora, is where he taught. The school that is across from where I work, is Savanna. But the rest of what I said stands. Thank you, Ron Getzan

  4. Ron Getzan
    Ron Getzan says:

    I live directly across the street from where Don and Barbara bought there new home a few years ago.. I also work a part time job at Dad Miller Golf Course directly across the street from Sonora High School. I never really got to know Don very well, but when we did talk together, I found him to be a very kind and gentle man. A true role model for all. When I heard from his wife Barbara that he had passed, it saddened me. But I also know that his reason for life had succeeded after reading what I have just read above me. Don made a difference in so may others lives. God Bless you Don, and rest in peace.
    Your neighbor,
    Ron Getzan

  5. Jim Hicks
    Jim Hicks says:

    I had the pleasure of working with Don at Sonora. He was a caring, kind and generous individual, a person who never had a negative word about anyone. Don was respected by all of us who had the pleasure to work with him. I am saddened by his passing, but knowing the care he had for those around him makes his legacy stronger. I hope the family knows how much we all cared about him. Keep well.

  6. Rob DeKlotz
    Rob DeKlotz says:

    Dear McIntosh Family,
    i was so sad to read Don’s obituary in the OC Register. I played for Don on the Sonora High School tennis team from 1974-77. He did his best to put up with me and i have such fond memories of his wit and his leadership as COACH. I went on to graduate from Berkeley, and have been in the ministry the last 33 years. My wife, Jennifer, (class of 77 at Sonora), remembers Don from health class. We live in Irvine, CA. God Bless all of you. I forwarded the obituary to 4-5 of us who played together and keep up.

  7. Donna Sandello-Catalfamo
    Donna Sandello-Catalfamo says:

    Mr Macintosh was teacher at Sonora, he was one of the kindest easy going educators I ever had. May you find comfort now and rest in peace. May GOD watch over your family.

  8. Tom Fritschi
    Tom Fritschi says:

    To Scott & Your Entire Family,

    May you find peace in knowing how much of a great impact this man left on us all.

    From the kindness of his heart so many times hauling us around in the vw van as well as his great teaching skills.

    I will be oh so grateful, & for you being such a great water polo team player & friend & him watching from the bleachers.

    The “Family” between you 2, Was well represented at Sonora My friend.

  9. Brett Marie Bruce
    Brett Marie Bruce says:

    I’m so sorry for your loss. Don was one of the sweetest teachers I had at Sonora.
    I pray for peace and healing for you and your boys at this time.
    God Bless,
    Brett Marie Bruce

  10. Diane (West) Boithe
    Diane (West) Boithe says:

    Don taught me to parallel park back in 1968 and I’m still proud of those skills. God bless all of you and I’m thankful for the positive influence of Don.

  11. Danette Brown
    Danette Brown says:

    To the McIntosh Family,

    My thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time. May there be comfort in knowing that someone so special will live on in all of the beautiful plants he nurtured and cared for, the elegant pottery he designed and crafted, and the wonderful friends and family he loved so much.

    Danette Brown

  12. Mary
    Mary says:

    Barbara, Scott and Craig,

    We want you to know we really are thinking about your family and the sadness and loss you are feeling. Matt and I are praying that God would comfort each of you by bringing good memories to you of Don.

    God be with you,

    matt and mary haddad

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