Early Photos: Don and Janet

Here are a few rare photos of Don as a kid.  In the background is his sister Janet.  I’ve also just added a Photo Gallery to Don’s website, where I’m adding all the photos you see in the memorial video, as well as photos of his pottery and any other photos I can find of Don’s life.
To download the medium size image: click the photo above to open in a new window.  Then right click and “save as” to folder on your computer. Remember to pay attention to where you are saving it, so that you can find it later!
And here’s the high-res image:  Don & Janet 600 dpi


Don McIntosh and Barbara

Don and Barbara at the Marsh’s


Here is a picture of Don and Barbara at a family celebration just a few years ago.  



Casey and Big Poppa

Don always had a special connection with his first grandson, Casey.  I think the two of them shared several endearing traits, including their economy of words. ♥   Don  was a quiet man but not in an isolated way; he was friendly and easy to talk to.  He was also an interested and patient listener; something that’s required if you want to understand what Casey (a man of few words) has to say.

Don was a teacher for over 30 years, so I suppose that could explain his ability to connect with Casey.  But more than that, he was a big man with an even bigger heart.  He had a quiet kindness about him that is hard to describe, but I’ll bet you hear many people speak of it when remembering Don.

Even in the past few years, when Alzheimer’s put a wall up that made it difficult to communicate with Don,  I noticed that he always responded to Casey!  Once, when Scott and I were sitting with him at dinner, I wasn’t sure he knew who we were.  Casey walked up to the table.  Don’s face lit up, he grasped Casey’s hand and said “Hey, Casey! How ya doing?”  It was a little bit stunning, because I don’t think I had heard Don speak in nearly a year!  His affection for Casey even broke through the fog of Alzheimer’s.

Here are a few photos of Casey with his Big Poppa. I will be adding more to this little gallery as I come across more photos.

Don & Barb

Don and Barb

Here’s a photo I like of Don and Barb.  I’m not sure of the date or occasion, but I’m sure someone can give us details in the comments!


Don McIntosh

In Memory of Don McIntosh

Don McIntosh passed away Tuesday, November 11th, 2014.  His family has set up this website to celebrate his life and to share memories of this gentle giant of a man.

We invite you to share memories of Don here on his memorial site. You can do that by signing in  or registering as a new user, and creating a “new post.”  Add anything you want to your posts:  stories, photos, links, poems or condolences. (You can also embed a hosted video).  If you prefer to post as a guest, you can simply add a comment to any post or page.  We know it will mean so much to everyone who loved him, especially Barbara, Scott and Craig.

If you would like to send a message directly to Barbara, you may use the form on the Contact Page.

Thank you for visiting his site.  Please check back as the site takes shape and hopefully reflects the spirit of this kind and gentle man.

With Love,
The McIntosh Family