Early Photos: Don and Janet

Here are a few rare photos of Don as a kid.  In the background is his sister Janet.  I’ve also just added a Photo Gallery to Don’s website, where I’m adding all the photos you see in the memorial video, as well as photos of his pottery and any other photos I can find of Don’s life.
To download the medium size image: click the photo above to open in a new window.  Then right click and “save as” to folder on your computer. Remember to pay attention to where you are saving it, so that you can find it later!
And here’s the high-res image:  Don & Janet 600 dpi


Memorial Donations

If you wish to make a contribution in memory of Don McIntosh, memorial donations may be sent to:

The Don McIntosh Memorial Fund at La Habra United Methodist Church,which will support the grounds maintenance to which Don devoted so much attention:

Don McIntosh Memorial Fund:
La Habra United Methodist Church
31 North Euclid Ave
La Habra, CA 90631

or to the:

Orange County Alzheimer’s Association,
2515  McCabe Way
Irvine, CA 92614


Our family thanks you for all the kindness, condolences, prayers and generosity sent in Don’s memory.



Don McIntosh: Memorial Video

Here is the memorial video played at Don’s service today.

Thank you to all who attended and everyone who sent their prayers and thoughts our way.  The outpouring of love and wonderful memories of Don means so very much to our entire family.  Thank you!



Note: the video, played at the service, was scored to Louie Armstrong’s “What a Wonderful World” but I’m not able to post it online, with that track.



Obituary in O.C. Register for Donald S. McIntosh

Don’s obituary was printed in today’s Orange County Register and Long Beach Tribune.  I overlooked the spelling of his mom’s maiden name, which is also Don’s middle name: Spalding. It is misspelled in the obituary as Spaulding. My apologies to genealogists of the Spalding and McIntosh clans!   Don’s father is Henry Wight McIntosh (from the Isle of Wight) and his mother is Jessie Spalding McIntosh.

You can view the obituary in the Sunday Register or online here:

O.C. Register Obituary for Donald S. McIntosh

The final line was borrowed from a beautiful message that was added to the CONDOLENCES page by Danette Brown.  Barbara liked her comment so much,  that she asked me to include it in Don’s obituary.  (Thank you, Danette!)

Don McIntosh of La Habra Heights, CA

Celebrating the Life of Don McIntosh

Don McIntosh of La Habra Heights, CAPlease join us as we celebrate a life well lived.

Memorial service for Donald S. McIntosh will take place at:

2:00 p.m. on Saturday December 6, 2014

La Habra United Methodist Church

631 N. Euclid La Habra, CA 90631

Reception following the service.



He will be missed.

Don was a man of few words, but anyone who knew him could tell that he was so proud of his family–his two sons and his 5 grandchildren.  He didn’t need to say so, it was apparent in his actions.  I observed this first had more times that I can count.  Don spent countless hours helping his family.

He loved to garden and would come to our house to help Craig with planting and trimming.  He was so knowledgeable about plants and when I look at my yard now I see all the love he put into helping make our house a home.  One very special tree in our yard came from a limb that Don had cut off of one of his trees.  He found it weeks later on the ground sprouting root–he brought it to our house and he and Craig planted it.  It is now one of the largest trees in our yard.  He had a green thumb that’s for sure.

My three children loved him dearly.  He was a tall man, which could have made him intimidating to the little ones, but instead they looked at him as a gentle giant (as others have mentioned).  He would spend time with them in the yard, play ball with them, go to their school functions, attend sporting events, take them fishing, read a book to them, help in their classroom (with a pottery lesson), pick them up from school (Connor during his kindergarten year), and take a true interest in anything they were doing.  When the kids saw him they would always want a hug from their “Big Poppa”  He, of course, never minded this at all.

According to Connor, his fondest memory with Poppa was “when he took me fishing”.  He was such a patient man.  He took the time to help untangle the hook and line and made sure that Connor was successful in his endeavors.

Kate said she loved it when her Big Poppa “would come watch me ride Beau during my lessons at the ranch”.  She liked that he took interest in what she was doing and seemed to like to watch how she improved week after week.

Cameron, just like his brother, had a very special member of his fan club.  Don loved sports and spent many an afternoon on the soccer field.  He also attended school events, by special invitation.   Cameron remembers “Poppa came to watch my soccer games and would come to my school for Senior Friends Day and would take me to lunch afterwards.”

I am attaching photos of Connor (now 20) on Poppa’s knee and Kate (now 16) and Cameron (now 14) with Nana and Poppa at Senior Friends Day.

I will miss my father-in-law dearly.  He was such a kind-hearted, intelligent, gently spoken, generous, and talented man.


Lori Lee McIntosh

Connor on Poppa's knee

Kate with Nana and Poppa

Cameron with Nana and Poppa

Don McIntosh and Barbara

Don and Barbara at the Marsh’s


Here is a picture of Don and Barbara at a family celebration just a few years ago.  



Video: How to Post to Don’s Site

Wondering how to add your memories of Don to this site?  You can either post a simple message to the Condolences Page as a guest.  Or, if you would like to post a full story/article or photo, this video tutorial  demonstrates how to register and post to the blog.

Problems or questions?  Feel free to send me an e-mail.    I’ll be happy to help post your photo or story to Don’s website.

Contact Barbara

Thinking of you and praying for you

Barbara, Scott and Craig,
We want you to know we really are thinking about your family and the sadness and loss you are feeling. Matt and I are praying that God would comfort each of you by bringing good memories to you of Don.
God be with you,
matt and mary haddad

donald mcintosh memorial service la habra brea

Memorial Services

I’m sure you are wondering when memorial services will be?  Don’t worry, you have not missed it.  Barbara is making arrangements for late November and early December,   so that Don’s closest friends and family can attend.  Internment will be at Brea Memory Garden in late November.  A Celebration of Life will take place at La Habra United Methodist Church in early December.  We will keep you posted with further details on this website.  If you use the contact form with an email address or register with this blog, we can make sure you are notified of  the exact location, date and time.